Standard Double 600,000 сум
Semilux 750,000 сум
Delux 1,000,000 сум
VIP 1,500,000 сум

Цены действительны с 20 янаваря 2019г.

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New 2017 Year!!!

Services& facilities

Front desk
Multilingual staff ,24 hours service,Reservation

Located in the hotel lower ground floor (Block "B")
Massage,Lounge (TV, table-tennis),Bar

Business Center
Computers with internet,Printer-photocopier,Newspapers

Parking Easy parking (free)

Swimming pools for children and adult with trained instructors.

Summer amphitheatre where shows by creative and musical groups are arranged, discotheques and other ceremonies are held.

Sand beach 800 meters along Chorvoq reservoir with cabin for changing clothes, showers, restrooms, tents and potable water fountains

Rent Here you can rent beach chair and sunshades, lifebuoys and jackets etc.

Sports grounds for volley-ball, badminton and mini football will be attractive for those who prefer active rest. Besides there are many ice-cream and soft drink booths in the territory of the

Grounds for children with attractions